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Title of Reading can be predicted that its content is about the different roles that have an architect in the exercise of their profession, where you can answer questions about the different situations that an architect has to deal and the needs to be fulfilled.

The language of the text seems to be technical because of the formality that reflects the title.

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What makes a good architect?

A good architect should have the ability to be creative and to know to translate the ideas that are in his mind, for then develop and create projects, taking into account the technical knowledge, as structural knowledge; and that these projects meet customer needs.

What are the three dimensions of architecture design?

The three dimensions are the plan, the section and the elevation.


a) How are architecture and urban planning different in terms of the qualifications needed for each?

I think that both architects and urban planning is important to have knowledge of many areas, since both have the same object of study, the public space, but focused in different ways; the architect needs more knowledge of space, vision, creativity, to create new projects, while the urban planning develops other skills and field of study is more general, for example a city.

b) After today's reading, how do you feel about your future profession?

I feel more confident and determined that I am studying a career with which I identify.

c) What is the role of architects / urban planners in today's world?

Identify the needs that society has and respond in the most efficient.