What are stones?

Stone is a material of hard consistency and is formed through the union of different minerals. It is also said that the stone is a stone carved by man.

How mny kinds of stone do you know?

Granite, marble, limestone. images.jpeg

What characteristics do stones have?

Hard consistency, lasting, moldable.

Why are stones used in construction?

For its hard consistency, which provides stability to the construction.

Stone Paragraph

Stone has been preferred since the Stone Age and an example are the first monumental buildings of humanity, as the temple of Poseidon in Greece, were made of stone. Also, the first cathedrals were made of stone, because it was the most used material at that time, and currently remains the preferred construction for its easy access. There are several types of stonework: rubble stone which is the cheapest and has irregular forms, it is obtained after crushing walls and buildings; also ashlar masonry which is the strongest for the construction of monumental architecture and are regularly cut blocks. Stone has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it can provide stability, adaptability and durability in large monuments, and can be used in its natural state, but not everything is so easy, stone is very difficult to extract from the quarries and transport is extremely difficult due to its weight and its large size; another drawback working with this material.