The purposes of architecture

The purpose of architecture is to create spaces for people in in order to serve as shelter. These refuges must comply with all conditions necesary to develop all the activies of its occupants.


Urban design as a career

The urban panning develops a very important funtion which is the city planning; that precedes the work of architecture, because the urban planning organizes the city (roads, streets, services) and later the architect develops his project in a completely planned city.


Comparison and contrast between architecture and urban planning

The architecture and urban planning are professions that have a point in common, and both involved in the study of public space. Also focus their work to meet the needs of a population to improve their development and quality of life.

The architecture is more specific because it works projects to provide shelter for people, ie, buildings, homes, shopping centers, and also takes into account all the necessary conditions that must be present in the project to satisfy occupants.

On the other hand, the urban planning make a more general because they work with the city, an area composed of many elements, within which is the presence of architecture, and that should be organized in harmony so that its development is effective; in short words, the urban planning is responsible for planning the city.

The architect must work in an organized space for your project to be truly functional and sustainable, and the urban planning must plan the space to work ideally both jobs.