Needs of the Architecture

The architecture is designed to meet various needs, the needs of individuals or clients, building and the needs of the context in which it is located, these three factors form a cycle in which each factor should be at ease without affecting the others.

Among the needs of the people are ventilation, light, water, security, the proportion of the spaces, differentiation of public and private spaces to interact with the environment. All these needs must be present in the building to meet the objetive of having the customer satisfied.

Then there are the needs of the building, the protection of occupants of the building, a solid structure that can withstand extreme situations, comfort in the different areas within the building so that it can perform all activities in a pleasant manner , adequate access to both the entry of people and large items and emergencies.

The other factor that makes up the cycle is the context, which is constantly changing and so their needs are quite varied, among them are, the atmosphere surrounding the building to maintain a harmony between the two, the dominant culture in the area, existence near power lines, telephone, sewer systems, public transport and other services for daily use.

All these needs must be met by the architect when planning a project and should be well designed so that some do not affect the other but are in harmony. This is what a draft sustainable harmony.