Iron & Steel


Characteristics of Iron:

  • · It is composed of iron with lots of carbón

  • · Iron is strong in compression and weak in tensión

  • · Used in arch bridges, cannons and historic domes

Characteristics of Steel:

  • · It is made of iron with a touch of carbón

  • · Steel is resistant to tension and compression

  • · This material is weakened when subjected to high temperaturas

  • · Used in cables in suspension bridges, trusses, roller coasters

Corrugated iron in Australiamonoblocco_maxy.gif

What corrugated iron is?

Is a building material composed of sheets of hot-dip galvanised mild steel cold-rolled to have a linear corrugated pattern in them.


Corrugated iron is cheap, easy to transport, corrosion- resistant, durable, lightweight, strong, supple and available everywhere.

Uses through history

Iron has been used in Australia from the first days of European settlement. It was invented in 1840s, and was originally made from wrought iron.

Iron soon became a common construction material in rural areas in the United States and Australia and later India.

Steel & Iron workers

What it takes to be an iron worker?

Iron worker should be able to understand building plans, because this is the explanation of work to do, he should not be afraid of heights and be able to work only or in groups.


Reply to the podcast

The iron and steel have emerged as an alternative to the construction because now not only can be used to make concrete building structures.

Besides these materials may take different forms without putting obstacles in the design of the building and are often used as decorative elements of it.


To make a roller coaster using easily accessible materials such as cast iron, this is resistant to compression and is therefore used for such structures, and beams.
This material welding is applied to prevent weakness in the structures.