Final Project


As a final project are asked to construct a building residences for teachers, where the emphasis is on building structural design.
This building must include different aspects to meet the needs of teachers, such as sports facilities, library, lounge, shops (bookstore and cyber) and restaurants.
The context in which this building stands is a central plaza surrounded by houses in medians that are separated from the plaza by small streets and on one side of the plaza there is a great avenue that responds to the location of the buildings.
Once you know the context, we reached the building, which consists of a single facade and it is therefore very important to take into account the ventilation of spaces contained in it.
As architectural convention, the vertical elements are divided into basement, body and cap, and thus must be present in buildings.
In the basement are the service activities. In this area are used double and triple heights to create connections between each floor and provide a sense of dynamism, typical of the diversity of activities carried on into that basement.
The body is the area of apartments, the most private part of the building, whose floors are divided into two types of apartments, one studio type and one suite type, located both on the main facade to exploit the visual to the plaza and provide ventilation and lighting for these spaces.
Then we have the cap, which, as its name implies, should be an area strong, attractive, to mark the end of the building.
This s cap consists of a studio apartment, a ballroom and a pool area. The roof makes the volumes are predominant in the building.
Moreover, with regard to building materials, concrete predominates, for being a strong and pliable material.
For the various enclosures such as walls, glass was used, for being a transparent material, which brings a sense of relationship to other spaces and allows natural light to enter.
Finally, and most importantly, we have the structural design of the building, which is made before any distribution plan in the building, because the structure is what makes real a building, you cannot build a building without structure.
The structure of this building is symmetrical and the design of each plant due to the structural design of the building, in a way that the structure won’t be seen as an obstacle but helps to distribute each of the spaces of the building.
All these aspects described above, were instrumental and defining in the building design, building structural design first, then the distribution of spaces and the selection of construction materials.

This project was particularly rewarding because it gave great importance to structural design, which is part of the architecture responsible, the architect must design not only beautiful and attractive spaces, in a way the architect must also design physically resistant buildings.